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Dear friends, the author and founder of this site has passed away. Due to an unlucky fall and the effects of his underlying disease he has succumbed to his injuries on December 7, 2016. This will be a last entry on this site. It will be up however until…he will be missed dearly.


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Beste lezers, zoals jullie misschien al zullen hebben vernomen is de stichter en beheerder van deze site op 7 december 2016 overleden aan de gevolgen van een ongelukkige val. Deze en de indirecte gevolgen van zijn ziekte zijn hem fataal geworden. Robert wordt zeer gemist door alle vrienden…..

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Things of the tram (5)

A lovely title though in my case nothing to do with the original intention the maker had in mind. Tennessee Williams, an American play writer. The play performed on many stages and every time the curtain felt there was applause. … Continue reading

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The last steamer of Vietnam

A personal story in the wake of history. How sad it is if you were born too late to embrace the glory of the age of steam on rail. Locomotives that appeal to imagination. By the time I was ten … Continue reading

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A tale of Taiwan

At the end of the eighties the TRA – Taiwan Railway Administration published a booklet both in English and Chinese named; the railway trip. A touristic brochure. Twenty-five years later still a precious item in my collection oversees railways or … Continue reading

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In the wake of the Wall

From mid seventies till mid eighties Berlin was a second home for me, a pied-à-terre as the French call it or like a famous German song: Ich hab noch einen Koffer in Berlin. I still have a suitcase somewhere in … Continue reading

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China with a mellow glance

The legacy of the CFY It’s not the first time I write about China’s Railways but absolutely not more than a glimpse only. China; a huge country with many rail aspects and hardly to coop with on your own. The … Continue reading

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