Pictures of a postcard (18)

Austria - Wien Westbahnhof timelapse 1

‘ A Vienna delight’ 

It’s one minute past nine in the morning, the station clock guides the scene. Wien (Vienna) Westbahnhof with the Europe Square (Europaplatz) in front of it. Austria united but date unknown, this is always a problem; pinpointing postcards. However, the meanwhile vintage cars give a slightly indication especially  the ‘American’ – bottom photo behind a military ambulance – this picture taken end sixties or early seventies.
Black & white was fashionable and coloured cards sometimes looked if they emerged from another planet with artificial colouring. The now waning but by that time thriving postcard industry published peculiar things and almost from every corner in town. This wasn’t done for the sake of collectors only. Without the Web and digital communication one had no other choice to stay in contact with his or her beloved ones by writing letters or posting cards with just hello on it or a bit more of travellers social experience.
The backside of many cards can be interested too, the ones showed here remained pristine. A sequence within a small time-span and very funny to find because on the first sight they look similar. You must take a closer look to see the changes. A few things stay foot, like the city bus under the clock. On a small stone wall separating a park with the pedestrian walkway towards the centre of town, two figures are resting, chat, being silent or spotting trams, who knows? On all three cards they are sitting there.
A motorcar plus two trailers approaching the stop, the second trailer first to be seen on the second frame. There seems to be demand for the tram, quit a number of people are waiting for their desired mode of transportation on one of the lines passing the station.
A terminus for trains in western direction, by far the rest of the country measured on the geographical position of Vienna (East).
If you let your eyes going to the left side till the traffic light, two ladies are bound to cross the tram tracks. On picture Nº 2 they have passed ‘the spotters’ and heading for their day out in the city; shopping or drinking coffee in one of the famous Wiener cafe’s with Vienna pastry: ‘Sachertorte’. Later that day the ladies would sip liquor also with fancy colours; life is good so why not enjoy it?
Eight minutes past nine and picture Nº 3 shows a complete different scene, more pedestrians for example though the two are still there hidden behind moving legs to see a real KSW motor-car plus trailer passing by. Kriegsstraßenbahnwagen – war-time tram car and being fabricated between 1943 – 1950. On the inbound track the more modern successor, articulated and developed by Düwag (like the type KSW but they were not the only company building them). The new ones for Wien were constructed under license by the local industry; SGP, both became fully Siemens later in time. The local independent factories of rolling stock (train and tram) would merge one after another.
Looking at the three frames melancholy occurs, boy-o-boy if I could go back in time, Vienna is a good destination and not only for celebrating trams.

Austria - Wien Westbahnhof timelapse 2

Austria - Wien Westbahnhof timelapse 3


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