Pictures of a postcard (16)

Italia - railbus Fiat A

ʻRailway design for everʼ

A railcar named ‘Littorina’ made by Fiat in the thirties, Italian design, the realm of railways and sometimes like Alice in Wonderland. A tale out of time and fairy still worth seeing or being told about. The way how things were put together, a distinguished design and desire of the past and so much more inspiring than the less stimulating development of our society nowadays. A glance of far away, forlorn memories or memories only. There’s so much to complain about the way things are shaped these days but hardly anyone does exempt for the gear that doesn’t fit in his of her personal life and moreover the social pressure; don’t ask to much take it for granted and above all never complain.
Industrial archaeology; one doesn’t have to dig that deep in solid soil, most things admired disappeared in the oven, melted into new metal, maybe another train was build with. The cycle goes on and on but not ad infinitum, building out of scrap only would weaken any structure, too much mixed with new iron ore also. However, this goes beyond what an average devotee expect from his beloved subject. O boy, could I travel in time, Littorina would keep me busy for hours; never enough seems to be the parole. Let its pride, let it ride and never dying.

Above: automotrice (automotive) Alb 48.3 of the FS – Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane / Italian State Railways and build by Fiat in 1933 in the original outfit. Below: automotrice Aln 56.136 (Fiat 1935) preserved by the G.A.T.T. – Gruppo Amici del Treno Torino / Turin railway friends and taken by Walter Navone in 1979.

  Italia - Railbus Fiat B


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