Pictures of a postcard (15)

Germany - München

‘A German coincidence’

A New Year and new chance but lets start with another posted card a long time ago. Munich 1922; the delicate buildings in what without any doubt can be described as other times and still mine like an art of heritage.
My grandfather, German from descend and 33 years old, could have stand at the tram stop in the centre of town but a year earlier he married my grandmother in another country not that far from here and would produce two daughters one of them my mother.
Another line and not comparable with the ones whereupon tramcars running and still do, many cities in Germany have their system kept and updated. Munich is just one of them.
Back to the card in what seems to be a peaceful coexistence and simultaneously wicked. There’s no such a saying; in the past every thing was better, only in retro perspective a certain tale will emerge.
It’s four years after World War I ended with a defeat of the nation and all the consequences following. The so called Weimar Republic was established (1919) with its hyperinflation and the rise of the Nazis crowned in 1933 when a by that time almost unknown person from Austria grabbed power and would lead the country into another disaster.
The trams in Weimar didn’t face it; in 1937 the system was closed. I had to wait ten more years to be born and a few further to get a fully awareness about trams and what they really represented. The neighbourhood where I grew up was serviced with five lines and seven route numbers, a joyful playground for any later becoming fan of this kind of transportation. Meanwhile I’ve seen most of the tramway systems still operating in Germany and also some that are gone. One is missing: Schwerin, even a postcard is gone astray; I am waiting for a friendly sender.
Back to Munich and a few data: opened on October 21st 1896 as a horse tramway, these days the network measured 75 km with 11 routes, the subway (U-bahn) measured 100.3 kilometres. In 2011 99.5 million quests were transported by tram alone something in 1922 showed different figures. Neither there’re run single motorcars anymore nor with trailers, a tram and what has it been for long. The imaginary journey; back in time and behave as I was my grand-dad and enjoying for a while the atmosphere despite the things not visible. The back side of the card revealed it was send to the Netherlands a pure coincident while my grandfather arrived there before.

Germany - München AZ

A few more pictures of Munich’s inner city more or less the same spot in a different timeframe.

germany - München 4

Germany - München 2

Germany - München 3


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