Season Greetings

Thorama sous la neige

Thorama sous la neige

‘The days of snow and Xmas’

Both days got another meaning since the European climate changed for tropical conditions. In Southeast Asia the latter is a pure commercial event, the local supermarkets decorated with artificial green and other pump belonging to the festival but above all constantly playing the song: jingle bells, it jingles all the way from Tokyo till Bangkok and what’s in between.
The railways will be free of snow that’s to say exclude Japan and Northern China. For the obligatory season greetings one has to return to Europe and rail away to France this time, the lovely so called: train des Pignes or officially Chemin de fer de Provence (CP) running a 150 kilometre long line between Nice on the Mediterranean Sea and Digne-les-Bains.
‘Thorame in the snow’ is the title of the picture above, a dreamy settlement far away from any bustling city. The two axle trailer was build by Billard and matches the same type of motor car (autorail = railcar) but on both pictures hauled by another brand; X 301 build by CFD (Compagnie Chemin de fer Départementaux). In service since 1972 and still running though at least the interior was adapted for nowadays use, a modern and more comfortable approach. For a local railway this one is a vivid one and will be there for years to come. In September 1981 I had the pleasure to see this enterprise by my self and did have some rides. Now, thirty one years later, it will close a prosperous railway year for this site, articles enough. In that perspective hopefully next year will be as good as this one.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year


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