‘The rail tower of Babel’

After the reflection and insight of author’s ambition in embracing things from the past back to reality where hardly any room for such things exists apparently we were not born for roaming the romantic way.
Lets be frank, the railway is a dreamy way though for most of us an ordinary mode of transportation from station to station, nothing special, at the utmost the agony of a packed wagon in the daily commute between bed and income. The sadness of a live deprived of well being but there’re things with a little effort and other angle of perception that could turn hell into heaven, however, without the guarantee the sun always will shine. There’s no such thing as luck only what we are creating.
East and the West and in this matter the twain already met. However, the train stays behind at least in comparison with the Occident. The talk is in the air, barely a few weeks go by or the newspapers announce another plan especially to relieve, in case of Thailand, the streets of gridlocks caused by the individual drive to drive alone on four wheels. Common sense doesn’t count; common sense would stand for making a step aside and let another pass by according to the grapevine in a big hurry until he or she will see the light running on a dead end street. In terms of traffic firm measurements are desperately needed but no politician dares to take them. Unfortunate they have other things on their mind than ruling something they were chosen for in the first place.
It makes the puppet show complete, a daunted doll’s house where everybody seems to be restricted to the strings, philosophy of a society wherein individual thoughts are submerged in the mass not thinking at all only going on what seems to be a predestinated path.
A Futuristic view might relieve some pain of the moment; many people know or at least are not averse of the knowledge that something has to be done.
In perspective of Bangkok the springing took place and the one who initiated it carries a grave responsibility. The more often empty words of so many politicians to keep the majority silent, for one time let us believe in the rhetoric there’s no other option. If only a fraction of all the plans presented through the years by different administrations to make the city a better place to live were implemented, these words became obsolete on the spot. Wishful thinking or the ultimate dream; the great confusion reduced to a structure in which the railway shall play an important role. A life line and way of communication because whatever shall change never the need going from point A to B.

 In between

Between two stations
A train suddenly stood still
Between two stations
The unexpected leaving
No farewell, no tears
Just disappeared
A train obeyed my will.

Between two stations
For good and for sake
Emergency pulled the brake.


About Robert von Hirschhorn

Author / Performer or in Dutch: schrijver / dichter
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