‘Season Greetings’

Swirling snowflakes and a tropic country it doesn’t come together. Christmas is the cosiness of an open wood fire with a well decorated tree aside and singing songs for Santa Claus. In Holland for long known as Sinterklaas a slightly different figure though both descend from the same origin and try to make people happy with gifts especially the children.
Unfortunately the festival became more and more a commercial happening and these days only the very young still believe in the fairy tale; a white beard and a lot of ho, ho, ho! The bells shall jingle al the way.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

 About the train; the picture above was taken in Davos in Switzerland before the W.O.II An ordinary photo turned into a postcard but with a Thai connection. The engine is a 2-8-0 type: consolidation and made by SLM Winterthur between 1912-1915. Most of them sold tot the SRT where they run with the numbers 331-348. The 336 (former Rhätische Bahn 123) and 340 (RhB 118) are preserved. The first in a more or less dilapidated constitution at the Makassan workshop in Bangkok, the latter is plinthed at the Chiang Mai station and once in a while fresh painted but nonetheless slowly falling apart.

How the Swiss (RhB) preserved their remembrance on steam.

How the Thai (SRT) did it in front of the Chiang Mai station before and...

after being fresh painted but...

still with nasty rusty holes


About Robert von Hirschhorn

Author / Performer or in Dutch: schrijver / dichter
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