Pictures of a postcard (7)

‘From steam to electric’

If you wonder about the picture above… it once run albeit not in Southeast Asia but Germany in the vicinity of Bochum by that time called the ‘Ruhrpott’
Pott is a colloquial name for an urban area in North Rhine Westphalia once dotted with a lot of heavy industry. The name always has been synonym for a rather dusty environment and absolutely no leisure destination, in the course of time things changed. In this more ore less dull surrounding a dense tramway network existed and took care of the transportation mainly for the workers.
Different company’s but all connected with each other. Mile after mile one could travel by tram, the ultimate dream for any light rail minded person. Even today one can travel by tram between several cities in a now more lush nature after most of the polluting industry has closed their doors.
The tram ride is something desperately missing in Southeast Asia. Bangkok had its share but abandoned the system in 1968 and so did Singapore and Georgetown on the isle Penang at an earlier stage.
In our backyard the tram foremost resembles a mode of transportation from the times wherein the private car still was in its infancy. A pity the latter would develop into a plaque. Elsewhere in Asia the rail bounded vehicles survived, Hong Kong and many cities in Japan. In Europe and some other countries on earth there’s even a revival, several systems saw daylight in the past decennium and the ones survived are no longer on the brink of distinction. Again the tramway is being considered as a reliable means of conveyance. Maybe Bangkok should follow suit or lesser big places where the burden of heavy traffic suffocates an enjoyable living.

A tribute to the tram - Bangkok at the beginning of the last century

and East Germany in the seventies, any revival won't be the same


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