Pictures of a postcard (6)

‘How a mountain disappeared’

This feature goes back to Austria and the picture above tells exactly where.
A lovely 760 mm gauge railway system operating from the city Jenbach to Mayerhofen since 1902. Here in wintertime one can expect snow, a lot of snow, totally unthinkable for Southeast Asia and actually the playground for these series.
However, postcards of the area are rare or cost a fortune if offered. A card with a lovely old tramcar running the streets of Mukden in China, nowadays called Shenyang, for a hefty twenty dollars, goes beyond the scoop of a collector with a lot of pleasures in collecting but the amount failing.
Where are the days wherein pennies bought me the nicest things, old postcards no one gave it attention and a trader happy at least someone took it.
Apparently it’s a matter of supply and demand but above all a certain conciseness that developed during the past years and that’s why there will be someone prepared paying an outrageous price for just a rather small piece of paper.
Never mind, I’ll stick to the things I have and hopefully find a few others but less money consuming. Let’s enjoy the refreshment of snow whitening the rails although the peculiarity in this story occurred during the summertime.
Two postcards from same publisher printed somewhere in the seventies, at least that’s what one of the marks revealed. A train on its way in the vicinity of Mayerhofen, nothing special but also nothing common. There’s even a schoolboy running along with it or trying to keep pace. Twice the same scene but on the second picture the mountains in the back are gone. The publisher for one or another reason must have been an early photo shopper something we are now familiar with, nothing you can trust any longer since pictures often are manipulated. No, I did not do this by my self, for what reason? Too much effort for almost nothing! This is the way they are part of the collection with the question which one is real? I opt for the mountain after all this is Austria but do not blame me if I am wrong.


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