Pictures of a postcard (5)

‘The joy of collecting cards’

It was a brief encounter in the latest and for now last telling about Japan, first another travel and exploration one of the things that makes live enjoyable.
The Kyoto Railway Museum situated at the former steam depot. The picture above is the file cover containing several cards picturing the engines in state for the one who likes to have the history in his hands and weeping about a certain loss.
A scene like this will never repeats again. It’s melancholy that lingers on even the piece of collection is a temporary one. What about the old ones, the hand coloured encountering of things from the past. Tokyo in the days Japan was more on itself than it is today but not as strict as it was before, times wherein they deny any contact with the outside world. Only the Dutch were allowed to do some trade on a separated created isle ‘Decima’ near Nagasaki.
However, they came along and roaming the streets of Tokyo in the thirties must have been an exciting activity but above all riding the trams.

It’s the unmistakably charm of having a fine collection from all over the world as long as the image has something to do with rail. However, not that only, a lot of collected older items were sent and their backsides revealing another world, a private one, experience in a nutshell and now second hand feeling.
But also all the characteristics of the card itself like the name of the publisher and printing remarks, I am fond of it. Unfortunate the publishing of postcards became a waning industry or more focused on fantasy subjects instead geographical matters. It’s not that long ago since in my hometown most local bookshops and stationeries published a series with views of the neighbourhood. Luckily for a young collector there were a lot of tramlines. It’s a matter of mail that becomes electronic mail instead. However, on some touristic spots one can still find a nice card. Japan to end this talk with and the backside unwritten yet, waiting to be posted soon.


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