A taste of Japan

‘The trams of Hiroshima’

August 6th 1945 short before eight o’clock in the morning. A designed building by the Czech architect Jan Lentzel in 1915 and long serviced in promoting the local culture, only now there’s absolutely no time to admire the structure.
The delusion of Southeast Asia under a single flag, a symbol of the rising sun, had to be invented and directed from an administrative centre. However, after a long march forwards the victory slowly slipped away.
The fact of the German nation already inglorious perished under the wish being a thousand year empire must have been known by the Japanese leaders but they had absolutely no plans to leave the battlefield on this side of the world. Long live the Emperor and the Nation with an obedient curtsey.
Fifteen minutes later, the wrath of war industry would be completely destroyed while hundred sixty meters away and six hundred meters in the sky the first nuclear bomb showed her power. A flash of blinding white light followed by a wind of destruction, a blast wave never seen in nature before…

I know that there’re postcards in circulation with a tramcar after the explosion. Unfortunate not in my collection but actually no need I know perfectly how a rail system in ashes look liked after the mushroom cloud dissolved but the panic an pain on the ground would linger on for years to come.
The bomb can’t be justified neither how the nation behaved before it was dropped. To bad it did not surrender before a second one let them no other choice, the same stubbornness they started the war with and still unwillingly to talk about. These days Hiroshima is a modern city and rebuilt after a Western concept something the place doesn’t gave a surplus or it must be the small details hidden for a glimpse. The strings of an invisible mystical culture hanging over the city as a filmy spider’s web. My advise; have a ride with the tram from terminal till terminal and enjoy the glowing live on the other side of the window. The grid reference of a city, the taste of strange live or only what’s in between the rail.
Fabulous old fashioned cars with disciplined drivers in their white gloves and loudly presenting al the movements before they move their car. In all my years of train and tram explorations, never I had more fun than on the Hiroshima network. Route number one and another seven to go, enough to discover.

On my facebook acount there’s a various Hirsohima album, click and you’re there.


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