Thailand from the train

‘The little lorry saga’

The draisine or track inspection trolley and with any other name this peculiar railway vehicle ran and still run on the tracks of Thailand. It’s always been a joy though without any suspension the ride is quit rough.
They are not constructed for long trips only to bring the workers to a spot where they have to maintain the track. In the past it was the railway inspector needy dressed and sitting on the front bench while two employees behind him pushing the handle up en down to come into motion. The tear and wear he made notes of and later a work order. Men were sending along the line with shovels and pick to straighten the track before machines were entering the scene.
The famous Austrian company Plasser & Theurer enriched the railway with all sorts of self propelling extra ordinary stock. However, small repairs, adjustments or replacing worn-out sleepers, still a gang of workmen take care of with their little mode of transportation even building a sort of train if they tow two ore more little flat cars loaded with the things needed far away from any station.
The previous edition showed the invention of people living along the railway; a flat board with roller skate wheels and a stick to come forwards. The first picture of the following slideshow is the same but this time railway own. The Khun Tan tunnel area and the half naked guy a railway worker at its finest hours in another era and every thing still mechanical. So the signals and during every sunset all posts on both side of the station ground were supplied with petroleum lamps. How fairy a railway can be?

Nº 1 – Propelling the lamps to the signals
Nº 2 – The old style man powered trolleys
Nº 3 – Waiting, patently waiting, till the tracks are free
Nº 4 – Set aside on the kerb…
Nº 5  – and when the train passed put it back on the track
Nº 6  – Riding along the clothesline and see if the laundry is dry
Nº 7  – Your humble writer takes a ride
Nº 8  – Dwarfed under the trees
Nº 9  – The tunnel vision
Nº 10  – Gridlock on the crossing and no way closing the gates
Nº 11 – A fairy tale and be told to every one who wants to hear it

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