Bangkok on rails

‘A Bangkok tram pictorial’

Trams, once Krung Thep was proud of them and Lop Buri as well, though there a single line only. Bangkok became even the first city in Southeast-Asia with electric trams running up and down here streets. A slide show, the splendid colour slides (numbers: 7, 10, 11 and 12) were taken by Wally Higgins in the end of the fifties, a still to be honoured pioneer concerning the rail hobby in Asia, a fine thing he did not forget to shoot the trams in here daily appearance.

Nº 1 – Men helping horses over the bridge. (Print)
Nº 2 – Open motorcar and two trailers. (Postcard)
Nº 3 – The Mahachai Road in more quiet days.
Nº 4 – The Charoen Krung Road near the post office. (Postcard)
Nº 5 – A Pak Nam tram on its way.
Nº 6 – Wind and weather – worn out rolling stock.
Nº 7 – Terminus, reversing for the returning to Samut Prakan.
Nº 8 – Tram and traffic on the Yao Warat Road in the sixties.
Nº 9 – Ting-Ting; make way.
Nº 10 – The Krung Kasem Road and the tram still lord and master.
Nº 11 – A rebuild motorcar and trailer.
Nº 12 – Three modes of transportation and a colonial style building. 
Nº 13 – One of the survivors.  (Photo Reiner Zimmermann)

Nº 14 – The track is still visible the mode of transportation changed. 
Nº 15 – A passing loop, a dead souvenir imbedded in pavement. 

Nº 16 -Thanon Charoen Krung between Soi 20 and Soi 22, with a little help and imagination the tram will ride again.

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