Thailand from the train

‘A Mae Khlong pictorial’

Nº 1 – A train like a tram in the Charoen Rat Road at Bangkok
Nº 2 – The real Mae Khlong tram – a motorcar and two trailers
Nº 3 – A peaceful live together of men and rail under the wire
Nº 4 – A mystery Diesel loco and never seen since (1987)
Nº 5 – Worn out Henschel’s when the yard was still there at Ban Laem
Nº 6 – The last steamer departs
Nº 7 – Blown the horn and traders react, the station looms
Nº 8 – A rail but this way it must be out of service
Nº 9 – A train is still in the station and this what the driver sees

Nº 10 – Again the traders make room
Nº 11 – Careful driving otherwise there’ll be juice.
Nº 12 – A monkey business

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About Robert von Hirschhorn

Author / Performer or in Dutch: schrijver / dichter
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