Pictures of China

‘The days of decay’

1 – Deprived of all parts but without any doubt a Michelin railcar
2 – Compare the front window setting with the one on the bridge, definitely another type
3 – The interior with panorama view
4 – A leftover from the engine
5 – The wheel arrangement, mark the tires
6 – A wheel and the way of propelling, by chain
7 – Wondering if the rubber is original, in that case the company manufactured a sustainable product
8 – The trailer and while the motorcar only had one cabin it had to be reversed at destination for the way back
9 – A coach but more a carriage, it must have been a romantic ride

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After all I find a picture on the Web of the railcar at the museum, and yes it’s the same from above but in an absolutely better condition, just click.


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