A tale from Taiwan

‘The Wulai slide-show’

Nº 1 – The town station still in the puschcarts era
Nº 2 – Waiting for the next run in the loop
Nº 3 – Nearing town from the waterfall
Nº 4 – The same location but another scene
Nº 5 – Almost on the same spot but nineteen years later
Nº 6 – Emerging from behind the houses towards the waterfall
Nº 7 – Cliffs and gorges makes a small train even smaller
Nº 8 – Lunch-time with shopsticks at the tunnel loop entrance
Nº 9 – The depot and workshop in 1990
Nº 10 – The depot (left) and workshop (right side) at 2009
Nº 11 – Inside the workshop
Nº 12 – The new infrastructure and instructions
Nº 13 – Still some repairs to be done
Nº 14 – Special design traction – locomotive is a big word

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About Robert von Hirschhorn

Author / Performer or in Dutch: schrijver / dichter
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