A tale of Taiwan

‘Pictures of Houtung’

Rural silence disturbed by an empty train at the end of the village's main street on its way to the excavation site somewhere in the mountains.

A train with loaded dumping cars near the transhipment installation on the other side of town.

A cloudy day, haze, and the mountains breathing moisture. An empty train on its way to get a refill and in this case black is beautiful.

You have to look twice but an empty train is on its way to a pit elsewhere to collect new merchandise. Notice the needy infrastructure at the intersection.

A look at the other direction, the toy train is almost there. In the background some Dmu's of the TRA and a string red lanterns going uphill.

From behind the houses a train headed for the installation

Locomotive NÂș 12, the cable is for shifting cars on another track

Cute, very cute, narrow and cape gauge together. It's almost unbelievable and look likes a model layout but isn't. This is Taiwanese railway in all here appearance


About Robert von Hirschhorn

Author / Performer or in Dutch: schrijver / dichter
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