Thailand from the train

‘On the wagon’

In the last story two beautiful old coaches and a steamer disappeared in the sometimes hard to understand means heritage in Thailand is treated or maltreated if you wish. The railway legacy seems to be no exception but being double handicapped because a severe interest for this matter only seems to be set aside for mad men. Well, in the eyes of whom that show no interest in what so ever only their own consent. It sounds harsh and less polite but on the other hand always finding an excuse in the difference of culture can’t any longer apply in a developed society. I think there’re individuals who obtained a piece and keep it away for an outside look with a sort of childish pleasure. If that’s the way it introduces, let it be, but at least be open about it and believe me there will be no loose of face. An Asian culturally defined mechanism and always an obstacle in between solutions.
The Thai phrase is: ‘mai pen rai’ and that’s the way it shall be and the manner one will looking at things, free of any consequence. We boggling our minds, we want to know. Another piece of railway equipment needy placed on a piece of rail in the midst of paddies even further from the Chiang Mai railhead on the road to Mae On. A sole two axle closed wagon for goods. On the wagon, because here is nothing to transport only being a barn, a small barn and certainly not big enough for a full harvest. Questions arise, who ordered the car and put it on plinth? A peasant with railway fan inspirations, a landlord with a false hope the railway one day will pass his premise? You name it and it’s true and stays that way until the contrary revealed itself mostly by accident. Lovely and pleasant things in a tropical surrounding if you can take it for granted. It’s the poetry approach, the way it comes to limelight if you are prepared to let the questions for what they are. On the road to Mae On where hardly anyone lives. Where the buffalo roams or enjoy himself in a muddy pool. Countryside and one expects complete tranquillity. The realm of yesteryear and still there despite the big city not that far and you are standing face to face with the wagon completely placed out of time. This is railway too and on the other hand has nothing to do with it. This is a sort of joke but I still don’t know if I must laugh about it or cry? There more sites where things like this happen or could happen. The yards were abandoned stock is overgrown with vegetation or left alone to wind and weather. Where no one ever set foot. It’s poetry, a still were once a vividness played an important role. Forlornness seems to have a strange attraction.

In the midst of nowhere

With the courtesy of  Sjon Hauser a dedicated writer of Thai stories


About Robert von Hirschhorn

Author / Performer or in Dutch: schrijver / dichter
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2 Responses to Thailand from the train

  1. Mad Mike in Khon Kaen says:

    Alovely little collection of some unique pictures with some apt captions, that give food for thought. Maybe I should slow down a little from my hectic quest, photographing just steam locos, & take more time looking around me for more artistic subjects to take ? Life’s often too much of a rush – too much to do & too little time ! I’m glad to see that someone has got his balance right !!!

    Please keep the stories & pictures flowing !

    • As said before in the introduction, railway can be statistic or poetry, the latter is ambiqiuous and fits me well. There’s always more between earth and heaven unfortunate life is too short to discover it all. So here you have the world of rail and all that’s come with it. The story ‘On the wagon’, yes indeed there’s nothing left for drinking, will be finished today (Jan 13th)

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