Turntable tales Nº 16

‘Sunset over rail’

In the original form these tales ended in Nakhon Lampang and where relieved by the tales of train 408, because Lampang has the pleasure having another turntable. The next one is situated at Uttradit at the depot too but without a roundhouse, more or less half way the Northern line. The last one is situated near Nakhon Sawan in front of the Pak Nam Pho roundhouse. Nakhon Sawan is the end station of the daily local to and from Chiang Mai, so those tales ended there as well.
Tales along the track are stories of the remaining part of the line till Bangkok. They can be found on the forum of the website www.2bangkok.com  under the name: ‘Northern miscellaneous’. In the near future one or more features will be revised and additioned as well. It’s February 26th 1987, both diesel electric locomotives 4220 and 4218 hauling express train Nº 6 on its way to Bangkok and passing the Sala Mae Tha station while the sun says goodbye to another glories day over Thai rail.


About Robert von Hirschhorn

Author / Performer or in Dutch: schrijver / dichter
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