Turntable tales Nº 15

‘A horse and a carriage’

The last tale begins on the scales, another Dutch machine but here fully in operation, a lot of parcels leaving Lampang by train.

Jan Molenschot & Zn. Breda – Holland
Capacity 500 kg

Type FM 1955 No 18408

At least we know the man’s surname and it’s nice to notice that none of these machines are equal to another in the way the names are spelled. On the station foreground steam engine Nº 728 rests majestically on a plinth and this time shines. A good example how one can preserves the past, probably under the care of the municipality and not the railways where a lot of things these days are battered.
The beautification of a city. This engine belonged to the Japanese C56 class. Many of these wood burners where shipped to Thailand and did their tour of duty. Quit a number survived the slaughter; two are still run able as far as it goes on worn out sleepers. Others are plinthed or lost out of sight after being removed for whatever reason. Hidden somewhere on the dark side of the Thai Railways and maybe after all became a prey of the cutter’s torch. Old steam horses, when the gallop is gone they have to die, the man with the mallet is merciless.
Talking about horses; Lampang is the place to be. The city still sticks to an old mode of transportation: horse and carriage although more over as a Thai touristy venture.  The capital of the province with the same name is not the most visit place by foreigners but lately put on the map of some tour operators. However, it’s worth to go and see. Frankly spoken there’s not much to stroll but if you look around after a pleasant ride in one of the carriages you see what Thailand can be others than busy city live, the joy of metropolitan miracles. Down by the river Wang it bears the best of yesteryears living in well preserved old houses. It’s a misconception that only the highlights, promoted in glossy brochures, are the only interesting things. We are spoiled or even brain washed by certain media with the idea that one must have seen ‘this’ and ‘that’ otherwise… A willing sheep following the herd.
Break ground, do something different! ‘Le tour d’Lampang’ will certainly end at the station. Here’s your chance. Take the 408, get off at the first more important halt, stay a night and repeat this the next day further down the line. For sure you’ll see this land from another angle. Back to the yard, back to the turntable where it can starts all over again. Turn around or stop the device at any direction, as long as there’s rail feel free to go.

Bright and shining


About Robert von Hirschhorn

Author / Performer or in Dutch: schrijver / dichter
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One Response to Turntable tales Nº 15

  1. van der Spek says:

    Tja, waanzinnig mooi, wederom. Ik zal toch kijken of er niet een paar mooie plaatjes in het tramboek passen.
    Die zwarte achtergrond is toch wel ‘sjiek’ hier.

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