Turntable tales Nº 13

‘Three desolate stations’

Huai Rian – km 665 – a simple stop along the track, sign nor signals only a smart wooden waiting room in case of one of the few who lives here decides to take the train in the rainy season. For the story of these stations I am riding my bike but the road is uphill so I safe myself going down and the climb again in order to reach the next station. I leave the glimpse of this one as seen before; from the train.

Pang Muang – km 660 + 998 meter and 10.824 from Mae Tan Noi – two tracks, semaphore and also a two storey building, same style.
‘Am Arsch der Welt’ according the Germans, it’s too impolite for a correct translation. Let say it was a muddy experience to reach the building amidst nothing and nowhere. Desperately on the look for the inn were the innkeeper would serve a drink for a thirsty heart. A simple road stall all there is and the water even free. For years to come there’s something to talk about after refreshing and I left for the next station.

Hang Chat – km 654 + 895 meter and 6.125 from Pang Muang – three tracks, wires and moving arms, another two storey building but different in style. On the wall the most particular sign: 316 meter above see level. Like the station master explains; no worry for a tsunami!
Next door a road maintenance depot. It’s a lust for the eye seeing the men coming by on motorized lorries with their specific sound. A rough ride anyway on wheels without suspension. The last surprise is no amazement any longer: another weighing device from the low lands by the sea and hidden in a barn. The staff persists to step on it, almost in the end I’ve got a Dutch treat. My weight…? Well, the etiquette prescribes it’s better to be silent about.

Lust of the lorry

About Robert von Hirschhorn

Author / Performer or in Dutch: schrijver / dichter
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